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A Series of New Events

What's with me and coming up with cheesy subject titles...come to think of it, my poems are pretty cheesy too ;3; 
haha oh well, that's besides the point. I had no idea how to start out this "to be extremely" long entry so I though this cheesy opening will sound aru-ish......

Anyways~~~ Of course me being me, procrastinated with packing so the day I was to leave I was still stuffing my bags with everything i could possibly take. Then it was time to leave~ My parents took the vaan with the luggage and my sister and I went in Aniket's car~ I <3 Aniki's car . On the way to the airport, Gitanjali was complaining about being carsick so I told her that she isn't the only one and the best way to ease the sickness is to close ones eyes and SHUT UP! lol Then she was saying how she always gets carsick and feels like throwing up. I never knew "who feels the msot carsick" was a competition but quite frankly, I really didn't mind losing. It's not llike whining like a baby is going to help. haha sry Gitanjali~ I<3 u but u were such a BABY! At the airport, things ran smoothly and we were off on our flight to Frankfurt, Germany.

The flight there was actually quite nice. Out of curiosity I listened to the music avaible on the plane (i'm sure you guys know what i'm talking about but incase you don't, it's when you hook up the plane earphones on the controller thingie on the seat armrest.....something like that xD) I was surprised to when I heard none other than DANSON TANG! I was like ZOMG I MUST TELL JOSO <3 <3 <3  Sadly I couldn't use my cell ;3; Right then one of the air hosts came out. He was the most kakkoi German bishi ever! (plus he had an accent!!!) I fell asleep and a few hours later (i'm guessing it was around 2 hours because before I went to sleep December Boys was playing and when I woke up I saw the ending credits for it) I woke up hearing some German accent. It was none other than the bishi handing me a hot toillette. (but I must say I couldn't figure out which was hotter xD) 

We then arrived in Germany and were stuck there for 6 hours. 

I got to go to school but I will finish this entry later <3

Luggage and Love~

I can't believe I'm leaving for India! Just last week, I got my official acceptance letter to the IB program of Goenka World School. (the school is in Gurgaon, India which is located at the outskirts of Delhi) I decided to finish high school over there. "But you're in 2nd semester senior year!", many people said. True! It's a new program I'm entering so I have to do an extra year to finish the requirements for IB, but it's worth it! Besides, I was planning to do a gap year before I knew about any of this...so I guess you can say it works out well. It was a big decision to make, not to mention SUDDEN! Everything is happening so fast but overall I am happy to see that everyone is being supportive. The downfall, is that I'm going to miss everyone here dearly...

QwQ Not only that, packing is a pain! Can't take too much but I also need to take things that I can only get here. I decided to take a break...(not that I really started xD) and came accross the new Kurosagi movie trailer! My reaction was very typical and that's all I'm going to say (those who are meant to know, already know so there is no need for me to elaborate further). Of course, I couldn't help but notice the lack of Yamapi's song, Daite Senorita. However, before I could feel disappointed I heard familiar voices~ So this time it's not just Yamashita Tomohisa, but the entire group! NewS's new single is going to have a song for Kurosagi~ yay! :D Sadly the single doesn't come out until Feb 27th (i think...), so I'm stuck with an audio rip for now (luckily it's HQ). And then March 8th is when the Kurosagi movie so that means I won't get to see it until summer since I need to wait for the dvd to come out and the d-addict fansubbers to upload it online. Oh well, it's for the best. If it comes out while I'm in India, the results might not be so pretty. lol

Just to clarify a few things:

1. No, I'm not moving. =] my home address will be the same
2. I'll be staying at an apartment there with my mom for the remainder of this semester and come back to MD in the summer
3. In the fall, I'll be going back to India and will most likely stay in the dorms
4. College? Not sure, but with graduating w/ IB I could study anywhere around the world. I want to go to england *0*
5. No, I will not be deprived of internet so KEEP IN TOUCH! phone and aim is difficult but there is e-mail, livejournal, and facebook!

Time Difference: If you live in the east coast, I will be 10.5 hours faster. So if it's 5:30 pm Jan 18th in MD, it will be 4:00 Jan 19th in New Delhi. If ever in doubt, just google "New Delhi time" and you'll get the current time over there. =]

Pages of My Book

As the stars align
All the moon does is shine
Through the vast space and times
My heart beats to the sound of chimes
Love is written inside the pages of my book
And you are the only one I see when I look
No matter how different you may appear
I will find you, my dear
I will search a thousand years, so I could say something to you
And that is that I love you, and my love for you will always be true


Heartbeat of Sorrow

The ocean sways gently against the rocks
My heart beats in a slow, melancholy rhythm
Hope. Love. Despair.
Tears slide down
As my hair dances with the wind
This bittersweet feeling
Sinks into my broken heart.


Welcome to LiveJournal

So what inspired me to get a live journal in the first place?
Well...I've visited and loved many community live journal pages that I eventually I figured I might as well make an account. This is probably going to be my shortest entry but I'm tired after working with making the icon, customizing my page, etc. So this is it for now~

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